Saturday, October 6, 2012

the last fish?

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Saturday afternoon

Food: Salade Niçoise (romaine lettuce, black olives, hard boiled egg, haricots verts, tomatoes, red bell peppers, tuna).
Body: A 30-minute stroll around midtown Manhattan, people watching and window shopping
Mind: Listening to favorite music while sitting by Rockefeller Plaza
As a teen, I lived in Nice, France for a summer.  Thus began my love affair with Salade Niçoise.  As I contemplate becoming a total vegetarian, instead of the infrequent seafood-eating kind, I must admit my love for spicy-tuna sushi and baked salmon.  If anyone has any suggestions for making the pescatarian-to-vegetarian transition, please chime in!  The green beans and tomatoes were delicious, and while I almost never eat eggs, they were cooked well.  On this particular sunny Saturday, as I sat on the balcony at at French restaurant in midtown, this vitamin-rich, protein-packet salad was almost perfection.
Nutritional Highlights: 46% daily value vitamin B12 and 46% daily value folate; 22 grams of protein

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