Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"salad first" rule

(C) TaraBeth - healthy.every.day - NYC

Tuesday Night

Food: chopped green lettuce, chopped mushrooms, feta, kalamata olives
Body: a 10-minute walk during a break today
Mind: laughing at my boss' hilarious stories as we traveled for work

Ah, bed sweet bed.  I arrived home exhausted tonight after two days of travel for work, and it happened: all I wanted to do was get in sweatpants, eat popcorn, devour ice cream, and watch Netflix.  And I almost did.  Until I remembered a rule I gave myself this summer: salad first.  In other words, if I'm craving junk food or "comfort food", I can have it - so long as I eat a healthy salad first.  It works in one of two ways: either (1) I eat the salad and feel great and don't want to taint that with bad foods, or (2) I eat the salad and am still having a craving, in which case I indulge, but not to the quantity I would have had I not eaten a fiber-filled salad beforehand.  Ta-da!  Magic, guilt-free, awesomeness. And nutrition.

Nutritional Highlights: 105% daily value Vitamin A, 25% daily value Vitamin C, 140% daily value vitamin K, 20% daily value of calcium

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