Friday, October 12, 2012

strawberry toast

(C) TaraBeth - - NYC

Friday Morning

Food: whole-grain toast with fresh strawberries and a light sprinkling of powdered sugar
Body: lots of sleep plus a nice morning walk
Mind: watching a squirrel eat a pumpkin on my walk to work. hilarious.

Today was the best kind of work day: work from home!  Or in my case, work from the delicious restaurant Milk Bar to enjoy a locally-sourced breakfast while completing a project.  I opted for a hot cup of spicy chai tea and this bright toast, a secret attempt to enjoy my favorite fruit one more time before it's totally out of season.  Strawberries are amazing, both for their health benefits and because they remind me of the way my mom would slice them up, throw them in a bowl, and stick them in the fridge for my brother and I to enjoy.  Until late spring, strawberries...

Nutritional Highlights: 6 grams of fiber in the toast and strawberries, 65% vitamin C in the strawberries

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