Sunday, October 28, 2012

sweet tooth

(C) TaraBeth - - NYC

Saturday Night

Food: green grapes
Body: hours of unpacking in my new apartment
Mind: realizing that I can see the corner of the Empire State building from my bedroom!

Yesterday was a whirlwind!  In less than 24 hours, I had moved into my brand new apartment in Midtown and was completely unpacked.  Exhausted yet excited, I settled into the sofa and decided I wanted something sweet.  The bad news?  I had yet to go food shopping.  The good news?  A farmer's market stand right outside was selling these delicious green guys, the perfect snack for sweetness + hydration.  I'm not saying these are the equivalent of a slice of red velvet cake, but I feel significantly better after eating them than some sugary confection! :)

Nutritional Highlights: 40% daily value vitamin C, 40% daily value vitamin K

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