Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Italian flavor

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Wednesday Night

Food: Baked Parmesan-Oregano Tomatoes, a slice of whole grain toast, and sauteed tofu; 2 pieces of dark chocolate for dessert
Body: A 30-minute walk during lunch today
Mind: Talking to my mom and dad on the phone

Tonight, I made a flavorful dish that I've made many times before (and thus, am using a photo from a few weeks ago).  I used to make it only for dinner, but lately have made it for breakfast, due to inspiration from a friend in Spain who gushes over tomato-based Spanish breakfasts.  These deliciously flavorful tomatoes are great with a slice of toast and some sauteed tofu (protein!) on the side.  Mmm... recipe below!

Nutritional Highlights: about 30-40% daily value vitamin C in the tomato, 15 grams of protein in the 3/4 cup serving of tofu, 3 grams of fiber in the whole wheat toast. Straight up happiness in the dark chocolate.

   © TaraBeth - - NYC

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