Saturday, October 6, 2012

green juice and green trees

source: yelp review

Saturday Morning

 Food: Super Green Juice (Kale, Cerely, Parsley, Apple, Spinach, Cucumber + Lemon and Ginger)
Body: A 15-minute walk around Brooklyn, where most of the trees are still bright green.
Mind: Catching up on pleasure reading on the train

Saturday was a beautiful day to live in Manhattan.  It was sunny in the high-60s/low-70s, and people were in an especially friendly mood.  I was in Brooklyn to get a bit of work done, and decided to stop by the highly-rated Brooklyn Crepe and Juice Bar.  The men working there were incredibly friendly and helpful as I order their famous Super Green Juice.  It was the perfect breakfast: rejuvenating, nutrient-dense, and "one-hand-required" so I could use my other hand to read while on the train back to the city!

Nutritional Highlights: over 100% daily value of vitamins A and C; nearly 20% daily value of fiber 

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