Sunday, October 7, 2012

greekish salad

© TaraBeth - - NYC

Sunday afternoon

Food: Greekish-Salad (recipe below)
Body: Walking to a used bookstore despite the rain
Mind: A cup of earl grey tea on a cold, rainy morning while listening to street traffic

I had a major hankering for kalamata olives today.  So I chopped a few up and mixed them in this delicious Greek-style salad, with a bit extra.  There is something so decadent about feta and olives, and it reminds of my 100% Greek friend, Stephanie, who is a fantastic cook and total fitness junkie.  Recipe for this delightful lunch below (note, I added 2 small wedged of avocado to my salad, but that isn't listed below!)

Nutritional Highlights: Healthy unsaturated fats from the olives/avocado, 95% daily value Vitamin A from the romaine lettuce
© TaraBeth - - NYC

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