Tuesday, October 9, 2012

squash fettuccine

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Tuesday Night

Food: green and yellow squash fettuccine with roasted red pepper/tomato sauce with a sprinkle of feta
Body: a 30-minute walk at lunch
Mind: two random 3-year-old twins came up and hugged me on the sidewalk, to the great amusement of their mother and me. hilarious and smile-worthy.

Back at work after a three-day weekend, I was thrilled to come home tonight and try this new recipe!  A warm and filling-yet-light dish, it was perfect for a chilly night and a long day.   I loosely followed Jenn Cuisine's recipe from her blog, and based the rest off of intuition and tricks from a friend!  I'd highly recommend this dish to anyone - vegetarians, carnivores, vegans (sans feta).  Delightful!

Nutritional Highlights: over 100% daily value vitamin C; 25% daily value fiber; 20% daily value vitamin B6

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