Tuesday, October 23, 2012

greens and beans

(C) TaraBeth - healthy.every.day - NYC

Tuesday Afternoon

Food: spring green salad with corn, black beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, and green olives with a lemon vinaigrette
Body: a 30-minute walk after hours of meetings
Mind: reading hilarious post-debate articles

My least favorite kind of work day is one that, unfortunately, seems to be inevitable once in a while: sitting around a table in a five-hour long meeting without any hope of a break or chance to stand.  To combat the fatigue that came along with this type of a morning, I ordered this energizing salad for lunch.  Packed with healthy plant proteins and vitamins, this and my half-hour long walk afterwards were a great pick-me-back-up.

Nutritional Highlights: 18 grams of protein; 120% daily value vitamin A; 40% daily value vitamin C; 50% daily value iron; 17 grams of fiber

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