Thursday, October 11, 2012

kale for breakfast

(C) TaraBeth - - NYC 

Thursday Morning

Food: kale-spinach-parsley-cucumber-apple-lemon-ginger juice
Body: 8 hours of sleep!
Mind: waking up early enough to have a slow, relaxed start to the morning

I have become quite hooked on Brooklyn Crepe and Juice Bar's Super Green juice.  It tastes amazing, and having a 32-ounce cup of it for breakfast just feels like a great start to the day.  (It also doesn't hurt that the people who work there are incredibly friendly!) My hope is to buy a juicer of my own soon and try some recipes, like one of these four green juice recipes from Well+Good NYC.

Nutritional Highlights: over 100% daily value of vitamins A and C; nearly 20% daily value of fiber

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