Monday, October 8, 2012


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Monday Afternoon

Food: tofu pad thai, vegetable dumplings, vegetable spring rolls; tart frozen yogurt with dark chocolate chips and fresh strawberries
Body: a 30-minute stroll around Union Square
Mind: catching up with a friend while lunching and getting manicures

Today I had lunch scheduled with a friend, Rebecca, who I used to work with in Boston.  It had been about a year since we'd seen each other and I was thrilled to meet up at Bodhi Tree, a charming Thai restaurant in the East Village.  They have a fantastic lunch deal where you get two appetizers and an entree for around $8 - sign me up!  While not the healthiest of fare, I indulged in tofu pad thai with lemon juice and two, small, vegetable side dishes.  After lunch, Rebecca insisted we visit a frozen yogurt joined called 16 Handles, where I further indulged in the original tart topped with dark chocolate chips and strawberry slices.  The perfect "treat myself" lunch as we headed in for manicures! :)

Nutritional Highlights: approximately 13 grams of protein in the pad thai; 30% daily value vitamin C in the strawberries

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