Monday, November 5, 2012

new juice

(C) TaraBeth - - NYC

Sunday Morning

Food: 12-oz juice with kale, spinach, apples, ginger, lemon, and parsley
Body: a 90-minute walk around Manhattan
Mind: donating towels and blankets to Hurricane Sandy Relief

As Sandy cleanup progresses around the city, it's been inspiring to see everyone coming together to help.  After walking to a donation collection near my apartment, I stumbled upon a great health store and juice bar called Simply Natural.  They have an extensive - and extremely well-priced - menu, including juices and smoothies.  And while to the untrained eye, this beverage looks like slime, it's crisp, refreshing, and nutrient-dense. I will definitely be back! 

Nutritional Highlights: 200% daily value vitamin A; 250% daily value vitamin C; 240% daily value vitamin K; 2 grams of fiber

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